Leticia Martín de la Cruz

Leticia Martín de la Cruz was born in Segovia, Spain, in 1994. She obtained her degree in Biochemistry at Complutense University of Madrid in 2016. She joined to the group of Dr. Oscar Palomares in 2015 with a Collaboration grant from The Ministry of Education and Culture (Spain) at the department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology I. During her degree, she worked on the Final Degree Project to study the effect of tumor carbohydrates in human dendritic cells. In 2017, she finalized her Master degree on the same topic in Research in Immunology at University Complutense of Madrid under the supervision of Dr. Palomares. Leticia obtained a FPU fellowship to perform her PhD in the group. Currently, she is finalizing her PhD focused on the immunological mechanisms by which tumor carbohydrates immunomodulate the function of human dendritic cells. She is also interested in the better understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in the mode of action of novel polybacterial formulations as Trained-Immunity based vaccines (TIbV) for recurrent infections.

email: letmar01@ucm.es

Phone: +34 913944161